11 years of Precision CNC Milling.

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 Johnny Zaayman

 Johnny Zaayman opened Rolin Manufacturing   in the year 2006 a Precision CNC Milling   Machining Company.

Our Shop

 We have a total of 9 fully functional CNC milling machines.

 We do machining on all kinds of metal materials creating all types of   products from solid materials. We do Precision CNC Machining with 4th   axis capabilities

 We use a 3D machine to inspect all things that are manufactured   through us as well as we make use of the CAT Software Edgecam to   Construct our Programs.

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Rolin Manufacturing is a well established B-BBEE level 2 CNC machining Company Since 2006.
We have worked with various Major companies such as Routech Communications, Routech Solutions
Saab Grintek Defence.