Below is a list of services that we can provide you with as well as the types of materials that we can pursue on our CNC Milling Machines and a brief explanation of what we do here at Rolin Manufacturing.

Materials we are able to mill:


Machining Capabilities:

*End Milling -  A material surface preperation of Metal  workpiece feeding into a revolving cutter.

*Chamfer Milling - A chamfer end mill makes a peripheral cut along an edge of the work piece  to create an angled surface.

*Face Milling - A face mill machines a flat surface of the workpiece in order to provide a smooth finish.

*Ball End Milling - also known as a spherical end mill​​​​​​​ that creates a radial surface.

*Drilling - A drill enters the workpiece and drills a hole to the precise requirement diameter of the workpiece.

*Counter boring - Feeding material into a revolving cutter to enlarge the top portion of a hole drilled.

*Countersinking -  allow the head of a countersunk bolt, screw or rivet,etc  to sit flush with or below the surface material.

*Reaming - Rotary cutting  used  to accurately enlarge the size of a previously formed hole to a pre-described dimention.

*Tapping -  Threading a existing hole for e.g (screws.bolts) etc.

*Engraving - Cutting a name or number that is required into the workpiece.

*3D Dimensional - A Inspection machine that does precise measurements on all angles of the workpiece to identify any machining errors.

(To see Some of Our Product finishes please visit the Gallery page.)

*Stainless Steel
*Mild Steel

(Please Contact for more Information Regarding Welding)

We can also provide you with:
*Cold heart Anodizing
*Plating (Nickel, Zinc, Electroless, Gold etc..)
*Powder Coating
*Gun Coating

We here at Rolin Manufacturing Strive for Precision Engineering, high quality Results to Satisfy Our customers needs and wants. We try our very best to complete due dates on time!

We Look Forward to working with you!
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